Nomad Life

Nomad Life! My new brand and the symbol of my new life experiment.

The Nomad Life brand is an artistic work designed by me, hand drawn, and raw. I designed it to symbolize the way I feel and my philosophy on life and our transient lifestyles and finite lives.

I’m a traveler, a nomad. I have to keep moving. There’s something inside me that drives me to move on. There’s a certain realness, an intrinsic authenticity to the design…instead of using traditional fonts or a computer I hand drew it with a marker on paper then transferred it to digital workspace to tweak the design. It retains it’s raw unedited feel almost as if it’s scrawled on a cave wall with a burned stick from the campfire much like our ancestors.

Like it’s connected to me in some way, while simultaneously providing a window into the past and a vision for the future. It’s part of me, who I am and the way I look at life.

It symbolizes freedom and the nomad lifestyle. that so many millions of people live and the lifestyle of our ancestors. NOMAD is spelled with symbols. There are no letters in the word NOMAD.

It’s all symbolic. Each symbol represents a part of the whole of the nomadic journey of life itself, all of which comprise a full lifetime and the tools needed to navigate life’s obstacles and triumph over it’s many challenges.

Symbolism of the NOMAD LIFE:

N = Lightning Bolt – Symbolizes learning, knowledge, and the power of freedom that gives us

 = Compass/Elements – To navigate the world – The triangles on the compass symbolize Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Wisdom, harmony, love and truth

 = Mountains – Symbolizes life’s journey, hardships, triumphs.

 = Shelter/Campfire/Anarchy – Where we lay our head is home. We nomads eat, sleep, and roam without rules imposed by society and live our own life, connected with nature and the outdoors

 = Triangle/Arrow – The continuing journey and purpose of life to seek wisdom and knowledge. Always moving forward. Always learning.

Nomad Life  is my new brand and my new me.

I hope you like it and enjoy it. I hope it inspires you and that you feel the same way about it as I do.

Thanks for reading.

Welcome…Now…Let’s GO!

There’s a whole world out there to explore.


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